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The Toxic Avenger

Mitchell Cohen, Andree Maranda, Mark Torgl
marijuana | cocaine
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A health club member asks janitor Melvin, “Hey, what are you, retarded?”
Another member echos: “Retarded?”
Member Bozo, referring to Melvin: “He’s stressing me, Julie. He’s stressing me.”
Julie tells Melvin, “See what you did, you idiot... You stressed Bozo.” (0:03)

Slug tells Melvin, “Get out of here, you pervert.” (0:06)

Slug and Bozo share a joint while doing sit ups. (0:13)

His partner asks the waste truck driver, “Hey... remember that dope we were snorting last week?”
He holds up a large bag of white powder. (0:13)

Melvin wears a pink tutu at Julie’s insistence. (0:16)

Melvin jumps out a window. (0:17)

A short order cook faints at the site of Melvin (now Toxic Avenger) having torn the arm off of robber Frank. (0:36)

The short order cook faints again. (0:40)

Police officer, referring to another short order cook: “This guy is drunk.” (0:42)

Dr. Snodgrass tells the audience, “It is also highly probable that this monster may have developed a very basic instinct which draws him... to destroy evil.” (0:44)

Drug dealer Dennis reveals his stash in a locker. He sells a customer 2 syringes. (0:45)

Dennis tells Mayor Belgoody, “I got today’s receipts from the drug division.” (0:45)

Dennis snorts cocaine. (0:45)

Bozo: “She’s stressing me, Slug, Julie’s stressing me.” (0:58)