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The Truth About Jane

CastStockard Channing, Ellen Muth, Kelly Rowan, Jenny O'Hara, RuPaul, Noah Fleiss, James Naughton, Alicia Lagano
Year released2001
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Janice, referring to her husband Robert: "You're insane." (0:02)

Robert tells Janice, "Oh, this is nuts." (0:04)

Her friend Claire tells Jane, "You're an idiot, then."
Jane's friend Elizabeth: "Don't be retarded." (0:10)

Jane, referring to her parents: "If a kid were drunk or stoned and fell over in front of them, they'd convince themselves that it was an inner ear problem." (0:23)

Her friend Taylor tells Jane, referring to Taylor's mother, "She blames me for the divorce... and she goes crazy. I could take the hitting if I just knew that someday it might stop." (0:24)

Jane: "Kids are like Pavlovian dogs." (0:28)

Poster for Mystery Men (0:32)

Jane's English teacher Ms. Walcott tells Jane, "That can be traumatic for everyone."
Jane: "No, I think it was more traumatic for me." (0:34)

Janice tells her friend Beth, "Therapy hasn't changed a thing." (0:53)

Taylor asks Jane, "So, how's therapy?"
Jane: "My mother thinks it will convert me."
Taylor: "Believe me, if that were true, a lot of queers would flock to therapists." (0:54)

Jane: "Acting out is a strange thing." (0:55)

Taylor asks Jane, "Isn't therapy enough of a punishment?" (0:57)

Jane: "... I was sorry about tearing my parents apart." (1:03)

Janice tells Jane, "... therapy hasn't worked at all..." (1:08)

Ms. Wolcott asks Janice and Robert, "Well, did you know that your daughter came to my house tonight thinking that suicide was one of her options?" (1:12)

Janice tells Robert, "I hear they have a saying in AA to act as if... you accept or understand something, when you really don't..." (1:20)

Her friend Ned tells Jane, "Someone called me a fag hag, which is insane 'cause you're not a fag." (1:22)

Janice tells the others, referring to a puzzle, "You lose a tiny piece... and then you still wanna blow your brains out." (1:23)

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