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The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler, Bree Turner, Eric Winter, Nick Searcy, Jesse D. Goins, Cheryl Hines, John Michael Higgins, Noah Matthews, Bonnie Somerville
crack cocaine
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Television news team: Josh answers Dori: "No, but knowing which celebutante is in rehab is of vital importance." (0:02)

Co-anchor Georgia: "And guess who's in rehab this week." (0:04)

Her assistant Joy tells morning show producer Abby, referring to their boss Stuart, "He's freaking out." (0:04)

Commentator Mike Chadway: "Billions and billions wasted on psychobabble bullshit."
”My point exactly, Shrek.” (0:09)

Abby finishes a sentence for Stuart, referring to Chadway: "... and he's an uber-moron misogynist who represents everything that is wrong with television in society."
Mike Chadway, referring to the mayor, “Unless you can get him to bang 3 crack whores and a German shepherd on live TV, no one's going to give a shit.” (0:13)

Abby tells Mike, "You make imbecilic trash..." (0:15)

Mike tells Abby, "Just because you look pretty today I won't mention the misguided phallic rage you just displayed." (0:27)

Joy tells Abby, "People calling and freaking out." (0:28)

Abby asks Mike, "Do you understand how much I hate myself for that?" (0:29)

Mike tells Abby, "You've probably already done irreparable damage with your psycho-aggressive control-freak phone call..." (0:33)

Abby tells Mike, "I love how you assume all men are as perverse as you are." (0:38)

By telephone, Mike tells Abby, referring to orthopedic surgeon Colin, "He's an idiot." (0:44)

Abby tells Mike, "I'm going to ignore that because I'm in such a good mood." (0:45)

Mike tells Abby, referring to Colin, "Show him that beneath that control-freak exterior of yours that there is a sexual deviant waiting to be unleashed."
Abby: ”No, I'm not a sexual deviant.” (0:48)

Mike tells Abby, "You're acting like your normal control-freak psycho self again." (1:05)

Abby tells Mike, "You entertain millions of people with your moronic ideas, and they love you." (1:06)

Mike tells Abby, "Codependent girls, unfaithful girls, depressed girls, narcissistic girls, phony girls." (1:09)

Abby answers Colin, “The girl some idiot told me to be." (1:20)

His new employer tells Mike, "... we re-titled you ‘Morning Madness with Mike’." (1:22)

Abby tells Mike,, "The elevator was a moment of passion followed by a moment of panic on your part, apparently."
Mike: ”Panic?”
Abby:”Well, if you think we’re gonna finish what we started in LA, you are out of your mind.”
Mike: ”It's terrifying, especially when I'm in love with a psycho like you.”
Abby: ”I am not a psycho.”
Mike: ”I just told you that I loved you, and all you heard was ‘psycho’. You're the definition of neurotic.”
Abby: ”No. The definition of neurotic is a person who suffers from anxiety, obsessive thoughts, compulsive acts...” (1:27)