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The Vanishing

Cast Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, Gene Bervoets, Johanna ter Steege, Gwen Eckhaus, Bernadette Le Saché, Tania Latarjet, Lucille Glenn
Year released1988
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Rex tells his girlfriend Saskia, “Don’t panic, damn it.”
”... if you get hysterical...”
”I’m not hysterical.” (0:05)

Chemistry professor Raymond Lemorne appears to test a volatile anesthetic on himself. (0:29)

A man tells Raymond, referring to Rex, “You mean his obsession.” (0:41)

Rex’s girlfriend Lieneke tells him, “I don’t feel like being part of a menage a trois.” (0:42)

Lieneke tells Rex, “I think he’s a lunatic.”
”Show this nutcase, or whatever he is, that you’re not interested anymore...” (0:44)

Rex tells a television host, “I’m sure he’s very intelligent...” (0:58)

Lemorne tells Rex about, “A slight abnormality in my personality, imperceptible to those around me. You can find me listed in the medical encyclopedias under sociopath in the new editions.” (1:10)

Lemorne uses an anesthetic soaked handkerchief to render Saskia unconscious. (1:31)

Lemorne tells a policeman, “I’m claustrophobic.” (1:32)

Rex tells Lemorne, “You’re completely insane.”
Lemorne answers Rex: “A sleeping pill. I drugged her, and now I’m going to drug you.”
Rex: “You’re crazy.”
Lemorne: ”I’ve already told you: a sleeping pill dissolved in coffee.” (1:34)

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