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The Verdict (1982)

Paul Newman, Charlotte Rampling, Jack Warden, James Mason, Milo O'Shea, Lindsay Crouse, Edward Binns, Julie Bovasso, Roxanne Hart, James Handy, Wesley Addy, Joe Seneca, Lewis J. Stadlen
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Funeral (0:02)

Funeral (0:03)

Lawyer Frank Galvin appears drunk. (0:06)

His lawyer friend Mickey Morrissey tells Frank, "I got this expert doctor to talk to you." (0:08)

Frank tells Sally Doneghy, "She was given the wrong anesthetic."
”Of course there's going to be a problem getting one doctor to testify that another doctor's negligent.” (0:13)

Dr. Gruber tells Frank, "They gave her the wrong aesthetic."
”They gave her the wrong aesthetic.” (0:18)

Frank tells Bishop Brophy, referring to patient Deborah Ann, "She's in a coma." (0:27)

Mickey asks Frank, "Are you out of your mind?... What are you, nuts?" (0:30)

Defense lawyer Ed Concannon tells his associates, "The thrust of this defense will be to answer in the court... the accusation of negligence, this completely, that not only do we win the case but we win the case so that it is seen that this attack on these men and this institution was a rank obscenity."
Billy: “We're going to start with a review of the depositions of the operating room team...” (0:33)

Frank tells Mickey, "We got my Dr. Gruber who says she was given the wrong anesthetic."
Mickey: ”Everybody in that operating room signed the deposition...”
Frank, referring to the obstetric nurse: ”Did we get a deposition from her?”
Mickey: ”Hey, you have a good memory, Frankie.”(0:34)

Frank asks prospective juror Mr. Abrahams, "Have you ever been a patient in St. Catherine Labouree Hospital?" (0:47)

Frank tells Mickey, "Don't worry about me." (0:47)

Frank tells Sally Doneghy's husband, "I got a famous doctor for an expert witness." (0:50)

Frank tells Judge Hoyle, "I could subpoena him if I had a week."
Hoyle: ”I have no sympathy for you.” (0:55)

By telephone, Frank tells insurance executive Mr. Alito, "Yeah, well, it came as something of a shock to me, too." (0:59)

Frank tells nurse Rooney, "They gave her the wrong anesthetic."
”I can subpoena you, you know.” (1:08)

His associate tells Concannon, referring to Dr. Thompson, "Since 1975 he's testified in 28 court cases, 12 malpractice."
”Get the record of his testimony in the 12 malpractice cases.” (1:10)

Dr. Thompson tells Mickey, "They gave her the wrong anesthetic under the circumstances."
”I made a detailed physical examination of the patient, sir.” (1:11)

His friend Laura tells Frank, "You maybe could get some sympathy?" (1:14)

Frank tells the jury in opening arguments, "Now we will prove that she was deprived through negligence, through the negligence of these respected men." (1:19)

Concannon tells the court, "We’ll admit Dr. Thompson as an expert witness." (1:22)

Hoyle asks Thompson, "Would a 9-minute lapse in restoring the heartbeat in and of itself be negligence?"
”Then you're saying there's no negligence...” (1:24)

Mickey tells Frank, "Even your own expert witness said there was no negligence." (1:30)

Frank reads to Dr. Towler from Towler’s book: "Contraindications of general anesthetic. Ideally, a patient should refrain from taking nourishment up to 9 hours prior to induction of general anesthetic."
”... general anesthetic should be avoided...”
”If she had eaten an hour before being admitted to the hospital, then the inducement of a general anesthetic of the kind that you gave her would’ve been negligent?” (1:47)

Frank asks witness admitting nurse Kaitlin Costello, "Did you ask the patient when did you last eat?" (1:50)

Concannon asks Costello, "... You would come here, and on a slip of memory 4 years ago, you’d ruin their lives."
”After the operation, when that poor girl, she went into a coma, Dr. Towler called me in.” (1:53)

Frank tells the jury in summation, "You see, those are just symbols of our desire to be just..." (2:02)