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The Vicious Circle (1957)

John Mills, Derek Farr, Noelle Middleton
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Reporter Geoffrey asks Dr. Latimer, “Is this new drug a cure, doctor?”
"... the Daily Courier has five million readers who can’t even read a doctor’s prescription.” (0:03)

Patient Mrs. Ambler asks Latimer, "Was it an hallucination?"
"Was it an hallucination?"
Latimer: "... I think I'll have a word with a psychiatrist friend of mine..." (0:09)

Inspector Dane asks Ambler, "And you never said anything to him about... having an hallucination?"
Ambler: "If you ask me it's Dr. Latimer who's suffering from hallucinations." (0:19)

Dr. Kimber tells Dane, "I know nothing about an hallucination, inspector."
Kimber: "Well, Mrs. Ambler was suffering from insomnia..."
Dane: "And she never at any time mentioned... having an hallucination?" (0:19)

By telephone Latimer tells Kimber, referring to Ambler, "But surely she told you about the hallucinations, the dead man." (0:19)

Latimer tells his fiancee Laura, "Oh darling, don't be idiotic." (0:21)

Latimer tells his friend Kenneth, "... I can't do that while I'm diagnosing other people's problems." (0:24)

Mrs. Ambler tells Latimer, "But this is confidential, doctor." (0:38)

Latimer tells his nurse, referring to a patient, "Better get matron to give her a sedative." (0:50)

Kimber tells Latimer, referring to Henson, "He wanted a supply of heroin." (1:08)