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The Voices

Ryan Reynolds, Gemma Arterton, Anna Kendrick, Jacki Weaver
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Factory worker Jerry tells his supervisor Dennis, “She's my court-appointed psychiatrist.” (0:02)

His pet cat Mr. Whiskers asks Jerry, “Shouldn't that be a straight jacket? (0:04)

Jerrry's coworker Sheryl: “The male ego is too fragile.” (0:05)

Jerry in session with psychiatrist Dr. Warren. She asks him, “Any side effects from the meds?”
“Any thoughts of suicide?”
”Do you ever hear voices?” (0:07)

Jerry converses with a goldfish. (0:18)

Accounting worker Fiona tells Jerry, “I'm bored, insanely bored.” (0:23)

A deer tells Jerry to kill him. (0:23)

Mr. Whiskers tells Jerry, ”They're going to throw your ass in jail where tattooed meth addicts...”
”It's instinct.” (0:29)

Dr. Warren asks Jerry about symptoms: “... trouble sleeping? Suicidal impulses? Do you hear voices”
”Are you still taking the medication?”
Jerry: “The medication, it smooths things out...”
Dr. Warren: “If you've become non-compliant, I have to report that.”
”Let's make you compliant.” (0:33)

Jerry looks at his prescription bottle. (0:35)

Jerry grieves the loss of Fiona.
Mr. Whiskers: “Don't take those pills Jerry.”
”Take those drugs, and you will enter a bleak and lonely world, Jerry.”
Fiona's severed head talks to him from the refrigerator. She tells him, “Take the meds, you useless wanker.”
Jerry takes some pills. (0:37)

Jerry's childhood bunny monkey talks to him. Jerry's father tells him, “You and your mother, you’re... psychos.” (0:40)

Bosco and Mr. Whiskers no longer talk to Jerry. (0:41)

Fiona tells Jerry, ”Beastly drugs...”
She tells him to kill someone. (0:43)

Mr. Whiskers talks to Jerry again: “That head-shrinker doesn't care if you're happy.”
“Not if you want to be a slave to drugs.”
”That's one step away from a loony bin.” (0:46)

His mother tells young Jerry, “I told them that sometimes I can hear the secret conversations of the world, things no one else hears.”
Jerry: “Sometimes I hear them too, Mom.”
She tries to kill herself by cutting her throat with a piece of broken glass. (0:54)

Jerry tells Lisa from accounting, “My mom died up in that room.” (0:56)

Jerry hears Sheriff Weinbacher talk to him on the television: “You are a stone-cold murdering maniac.” (1:03)

Jerry tells Fiona, Bosco, and Mr. Whiskers, “I kind of suspected that, but if there's me, the regular me, standing here, the me who's talking now, and I want to be good, then there's you, you, and you, trying to make me be something else.” (1:06)


Fiona tells Lisa and their coworker Alison, referring to Jerry, “He's going crazy. He's losing it.”
One of the women: “You can tell he's crazy just by looking at him.” (1:18)

Jerry approaches Dr. Warren in her office: “I stopped taking the drugs.”
“Mr. Whiskers does the talking, but it's really me.”
“... I still need a lot of therapy.” (1:19)

Jerry tells Dr. Warren, “Ah, a shrink who wants to talk... Hey, you start doing the silent shrink thing, and I can't predict what I'll do... Now, why do I hear voices?”
Dr. Warren: “A lot of people hear voices or thoughts they can't stop.”
”... take that drug...”
”... they tell me I'm fat or psychotherapy is not a worthwhile exercise...”
Jerry: “See, that's like 10 years of therapy in 10 seconds.” (1:22)

Jerry tells Mr. Whiskers, referring to Dr. Warren, “That is my psychotherapist.”
Mr. Whiskers: “She wasn't scared last week when she threatened to send you back to the loony bin.”
”Put me... down, you goddamn psycho.” (1:28)