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The Whole Truth (2016)

Keanu Reeves, Renée Zellweger, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Gabriel Basso, James Belushi
mixed amphetamine salts | Adderall | modafinil | Provigil
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Attorney Richard Ramsay asks attorney Janelle Brady, "They put you on meds?"
Ramsay: "I spent 18 months on antidepressants."
Brady: "A low dosage."
"You've never taken an antidepressant in your life?" (0:14)

Ramsay, referring to Brady: "... but just sitting there beside Mike, she would help him look less like... a sociopath..." (0:22)

Mike's neighbor, on the witness stand, referring to the defendant: "He became kind of like a legal junky."
He describes a conversation between Mike's father Boone and his mother Loretta.
Loretta tells Boone: "Maybe you're a little drunk, huh?"
Boone: "I am drunk, and tomorrow I'm gonna wake up with a big hangover." (0:24)

Ramsay asks Brady, "How much do you know about Muhammad Ali?" (0:29)

Coroner Doucette tells a detective, "Scott, that is exactly the kind of detail to confuse a jury." (0:34)

Ramsay tells Loretta, "Hey, my father hit me sometimes when he was drunk." (0:40)

Brady tells Ramsay, referring to an affair, "Well it, sort of became an obsession, clinically, that is."
Ramsay: "Did you stalk him?"
"So, you crazy?" (0:42)

Ramsay, referring to Brady and her father: "Walt had neglected to tell me the actual circumstances of her commitment." (0:43)

Ramsay asks witness Loretta, referring to Mike, "... did he also see and hear your husband hit you?" (0:50)

Ramsay: "Normally if a client refused to speak to me I'd order a psychiatric evaluation, but Mike wasn't crazy." (0:53)

Loretta tells Ramsay, "But that's crazy." (0:53)

Ramsay asks Mike on the stand, "What about physical abuse?"
Mike answers another question, referring to what his father did: "Rape me?"
"He wouldn't be able to rape me anymore." (0:56)

Prosecutor, examining a witness: "Miss Morley, did Boone Lassiter sexually molest his son at any point during that flight?"
Morley answers Brady: "I carry Adderall and Provigil just in case." She displays a prescription bottle. (1:02)

Ramsay tells Brady, "It's just normal craziness at the end of a trial." (1:10)

Ramsay, referring to Boone: "... claimed it was good to have someone to call if he ever got a DUI." (1:17)

Mike tells Ramsay, "I didn't... brand myself a killer raped by his father... to save you." (1:22)

Boone tells Ramsay, "My wife is having an affair." (1:25)