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The Young And The Damned

Estela Inda, Miguel Inclán
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Los Olvidados

A boy tells his father, "You’re drunk."
Father: ”I swear I’ll never drink again.”
Pedro tells “Ojitos,” ”Your old man is drunk.”
”Son, he seems to be very drunk.” (0:15)

“El Jaibo” tells Meche, "Don’t worry about the chickens." (0:18)

Jaibo hits Julian’s head with a rock. (0:21)

Jaibo tells the others, "I’m kind of confused right now." (0:26)

Meche tells Jaibo, "You’re such a scumbag, you idiot." (0:35)

Julian’s father tells Pedro, referring to Julian, "He was killed." (0:46)

Pedro’s mother tells Jaibo, referring to her husband, "He died five years ago." (0:51)

Jaibo tells Pedro’s mother, "I see you’re in a bad mood." (0:59)

Jaibo asks Pedro, "Are you nuts, or what?" (1:06)

Jaibo asks Pedro, "Are you over the bad mood?" (1:07)