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The Young Savages

Burt Lancaster, Dina Merrill, Edward Andrews, Vivian Nathan, Shelley Winters, Larry Gates, Telly Savalas, Pilar Seurat, Roberta Shore, Milton Selzer, John Davis Chandler, Luis Arroyo, Stanley Kristien
heroin | marijuana
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Gang member Arthur Reardon tells prosecutor Hank Bell, referring to the victim, Roberto Escalante, “He was crazy.” (0:09)

Funeral procession for Roberto. (0:18)

Gang member Anthony beats his head against a wall.
Arthur tells Bell, “My old man’s a drunk.” (0:37)

By telephone, forensic psychiatrist Dr. Walsh tells someone, “I don't want you to run another Rorschach. I don't care if he's faking... What he's faking reveals just as much as his real reactions.”
He tells Bell, referring to gang member Danny diPace, ”He’s bright: IQ 135. Of course, the psychological tests show aggression and fear, just like the others.”
Referring to Reardon: “Delusions of grandeur, deep feelings of inferiority.”
Answering Bell about Aposto, “Retarded.”
Bell: “As a psychiatrist, would you say he's legally sane?”
Walsh: “Now you know that the words sane and insane have no meaning in medicine.” (0:37)

A member of the Horsemen gang tells Bell, “The Thunderbirds are all on junk.”
Horsemen leader Zorro: ”They're dope addicts, you know.”
Bell: “Those boys weren't on junk, not then anyway.”
Zorro: ”They weren't on junk.” (0:46)

A Thunderbird tells Bell, “... his wife got scared by some crazy cats...”
Bell, referring to Thunderbird’s leader Pretty Boy Savoricci: “This imbecile from the DA's office wants to see him.” (0:55)

Pretty Boy Savoricci tell's Bell, “They're all on the stuff, you know that, don't you? Well, that's where they got their name: big “H” for heroin. Any of our boys get on the junk, I break their arm.” (0:57)

Zorro tells Bell, referring to Roberto, “I don't care if he beat his mother or sold pot...” (1:02)

Bell asks his wife Karin, “... or am I confused?” (1:10)

Bell tells Karin, “You weren't that drunk.” (1:14)

District Attorney Cole tells Bell, referring to Anthony, “He's even got me convinced this kid is a nut.” (1:27)

Bell examines his witness: “Dr. Andrade, as a qualified psychiatrist I'd like to talk to you for a moment about Arthur Reardon. In your report to our office you indicated that he had more than normal aggression... along with delusions of grandeur.”
”Doctor, you are a very experienced psychiatrist... what is the cause of these unmanageable aggressions and delusions?” (1:29)

Cole tells Bell, referring to Reardon, “This makes him look like a hot-headed maniac instead of a cold-blooded killer.” (1:31)

Bell cross examines a defendant: “Danny, you’re a very bright young man, with a very high I.Q.” (1:35)

Bill asks the jury, "Who killed Roberto Escalante, Anthony Aposto, a mental defective.. Arthur Reardon, a young man so crippled by the pressures and poverty of slum life that his rage makes him even more dangerous than Aposto...?” (1:38)

Judge: Anthony Aposto, this court commits you to the Matteawan State Hospital for the criminally insane...?”
He tells Danny, “We're going to send you to the boys’ prison at Elmira, New York for a period of one year for classification, treatment and rehabilitation.” (1:40)