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The Electric Horseman

Robert Redford, Jane Fonda, Valerie Perrine, Willie Nelson, John Saxon, Nicolas Coster, Allan Arbus, Wilford Brimley
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Leroy tells Wendell, referring to cowboy star Sonny Steele, “He’s probably drunk in Barstow somewhere.” (0:12)

Wendell tells Sonny, “I’ve never seen’m so nervous.” (0:15)

Sonny tells the horse handler, referring to Rising Star, ”Your horse is stoned.” (0:18)

His estranged wife Charlotta tells Sonny, referring to drinking, “I quit.”
Sonny, “Charlotta... you got a mean memory.”
Charlotta: “That light up suit must’ve given you shock treatment!”
”Stayin’ up all night burnin’ yourself out.” (0:25)

The horse handler tells executive Hunt Sears, referring to Sonny, “He was askin’ a lot of questions about the horse’s tendon and the drugs.”
Sears: ”Drugs.“
“What drugs”
Handler: “Uh, well, the tranquilizers...”
Sears’ assistant: ”That’s done all the time, Hunt. They tranquilize the animal to keep it calm.”
Assistant: “It’s just a side effect.”
Stage manager: “Ah, the world of illusion.”
Sears: “... and get those morons out of here. One drunken cowboy.” (0:32)

Fitz tells TV reporter Hallie, referring to Sonny, “The man’s not that crazy.”
Hallie: “Listen, he’s been tossed on his head enough times. You thought about brain damage?”
Fitz: ”He’s emotionally disturbed.” (0:34)

Leroy tells Hallie, “They’re just running around like crazy people today.” (0:36)

Sonny tells Hallie, “You’re crazy.”
Hallie: “Oh, I’m crazy!... you tell me I’m crazy?”
”You’re absolutely nuts.” (0:41)

Radio reporter: “According to one official, Steele has a long history of alcoholism and drug abuse... appeared before the public in an intoxicated state...” (0:49)

By telephone Hallie addresses Sonny as “You maniac.” (0:51)

Sonny tells Hallie, referring to Rising Star, “They got him all tanked up on tranquilizers...” (0:55)

Her boss Les by telephone, referring to Sonny: “Stick with the lunatic, Hallie.” (1:01)

Hallie tells Sonny, “You’re crazy.”
Sonny tells Rising Star, “Okay, junky, no excuses.” (1:05)

Sonny tells Hallie, “... now I’m carryin’ a crazy woman around...” (1:17)

Hallie tells Sonny, “I used to be a psychology major before I went into journalism.” (1:24)

Man on radio: “The Ampco people got no right to dope up a horse.” (1:36)

Reference in Lost in America