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They Call Me Bruce?

CastJohnny Yune, Margaux Hemingway, Ralph Mauro, Pam Huntington, Martin Azarow, Tony Brande, Bill Capizzi
Year released1982
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His grandfather dies with young Bruce at his side. (0:04)

One undercover cop tells another, referring to gangster, "He’s out cold."
Cop #2 puts cocaine in front of his nose, which wakes him. (0:09)

By telephone, Lil Pete tells the Boss of Bosses, "Don’t worry." (0:12)

Bruce, talking to a Bruce Lee poster: "With hard training and a proper diet, I’m gonna be as fast as you are and strong as Rocky. Rocky?" (0:20)

Master Cho tells Bruce, referring to martial arts, "It’s all mental."
Bruce: ”My grandfather was a mental patient. My father was a mental patient.” (0:21)

Bruce tells Cho, "I must learn to be mental."
Master: ”You are mental.” (0:24)

By telephone, Pete tells Boss, "You don’t have to worry about any more trouble." (0:27)

Pete and Freddy package cocaine. (0:30)

A gangster tells Karmen, "Switch the coke whenever you can before they get to New York..." (0:33)

Federal agent Anita tells the other agents, "Now, Bruce could lead us to the head of this drug ring..." (0:37)

The Jewish mob boss tells Sy, "Boss of Bosses thinks he can deliver powder in my town without kickin’ in, he’s crazy... Intercept their cocaine..." (0:39)

Chauffeur Freddy: "What, are you crazy?" (0:41)

Freddy tells Bruce, "It’s an obsession." (0:46)

A highway patrolman asks Freddy, "What are you on, drugs?" (0:48)

Deputy, entering bar: "Anybody drunk?" (0:57)

Bruce tells Freddy, "Don’t be selfish."
All inhale the spilled cocaine and become intoxicated. (0:58)

Chicago boss: "Nobody delivers coke to my territory." (1:01)

Bruce tells Boss, "I’ve seen Godfather movie..." (1:10)

Anita tells Bruce, "You were delivering cocaine. Drugs, Bruce"
Bruce: ”I’ve been delivering drugs?” (1:19)

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