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This Beautiful Fantastic

Jessica Brown Findlay, Tom Wilkinson, Andrew Scott, Jeremy Irvine, Anna Chancellor
Adolf Hitler
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Narrator, referring to infant Bella Brown: "She was finally discovered by one of those ancient lunatics who frequent the parks of our city and seem to enjoy hypothermia... She's always had a preoccupation with order... But the obsessive little world that she created meant that this was one book that remained firmly shut." (0:01)

We see a succession of examples of library Bella’s orderly arrangement of things. (0:02)

Bella repeatedly checks that the door is locked. (0:04, 0:31)

Millie Wilton tells Bella’s neighbor Alfie Stevenson, "Don't worry." (0:10)

Alfie's servant Vernon tells Bella, referring to his children, "They'll be really worried." (0:12)

Vernon answers Bella, "No, my wife passed away." (0:15)

Vernon tells Bella, "You're feeling sorry for yourself." (0:25)

Alfie tells Bella, "I think that's what Hitler said about Europe." (0:28)

Bella reads a letter to her from Alfie: "Creating a garden starts as an interest and soon becomes a lifetime's obsession..." (0:37)

Bella tells inventor Billy Tranter, referring to his mechanical bird Luna, "She was such a worrier." (0:53)

Alfie tells Bella, "I don't want to prod around in your obsessive little world anymore than I have to." (0:58)

Bella leaves without checking the lock. (1:06)

Alfie asks Vernon, referring to Bella, "How's the patient?" (1:09)

Alfie tells Bella, referring to his wife Rose Milton, "... she died all of a sudden in childbirth... stop feeling sorry for yourself." (1:12)

Bella tells Vernon and Alfie, "I'm not exactly in the mood."
”You're both mad.” (1:16)

Alfie has died. (1:25)

Bella reads a letter from Alfie: "The reason for planting the tree is, I admit, a selfish one." (1:26)

Would you diagnose Bella with obsessive compulsive disorder or obsessive-compulsive personality disorder?