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Throw Momma from the Train

Danny DeVito, Billy Crystal, Kim Greist, Anne Ramsey, Kate Mulgrew, Branford Marsalis, Rob Reiner, Bruce Kirby, Joey DePinto, Annie Ross, Raye Birk, Oprah Winfrey, Olivia Brown, Stu Silver
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Momma Lift tells her writer son Owen, "I'm choking to death, you moron." (0:07)

Owen’s writing professor Larry: "My God, I'm going out of my mind." (0:14)

Larry tells anthropology teacher Beth, referring to his ex-wife, "Margaret was on TV, and my mind went nuts. My mind went crazy..."
"I can't write." (0:16)

Larry tells Beth, "I was Norman Bates in concert."
"Metaphorically, yes."
"I have writer's block." (0:20)

Larry tells Owen, referring to murder, "If they just do it because they're crazy, it's not enough." (0:23)

Theater marquee: "STRANGERS ON A TRAIN"
Owen watches the film. (0:25)

By telephone Margaret tells her agent Joel, the sound he hears comes from the movie on TV: "Old Yeller." (0:32)

Clipping on classroom bulletin board: "NUTTY AS A FRUITCAKE!" (0:36)

Larry: "I'm crazy. I'm a crazy man."
"I'm not crazy." (0:41)

Beth tells Larry, "This puts me in a highly excited and distracted state of mind..."(0:44)

Beth leaves a message on Larry's answering machine: "I'm very confused." (0:44)

Larry tells Owen, "There was no plan, you moron." (0:46)

Owen tells Larry, referring to Owen's mother, "She makes me so nervous."
Larry: "Look, Owen, I'm just not in the mood, okay?" (0:50)

Rats scare Larry: "Now I got Willard here." (0:56)

Larry tells Owen's mother, "He is a lunatic, though Mrs. Lift. He is. He's a lunatic..." (0:58)

Larry: "What, am I crazy?" (1:05)

Larry, referring to Mrs. Lift: "She's The Terminator." (1:10)

Owen tells Larry, "This is no time to panic."
Larry: "This is the perfect time to panic." (1:11)

Mrs. Lift tells the other passengers, "Wake up, you nutheads." (1:14)

Larry tells Owen, "Because I'm choking you, you moron." (1:22)

Beth reads Larry's new book: "Hate makes you impotent. Love makes you crazy."
Owen parrots: "Hate makes you impotent. Love makes you crazy."
Beth: "Actually, I find it a little confusing." (1:23)