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To Paint or To Love

Daniel Auteuil, Sabine Azema, Sergi Lopez, Amira Casar
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Mayor Adam tells business owner Madeleine, "Don't worry." (0:03)

Retired teacher Robert asks Madeleine’s husband William, "Retirement anxiety?" (0:06)

William tells Madeline, "Don't worry." (0:13)

Adam tells William and Madeleine, "Don't worry." (0:34)

William tells Madeleine, "I'm worried about mud." (0:40)

William: "I'm worried." (0:58)

By telephone, Adam tells William, "We panicked when you left." (1:00)

Adam: “Madeleine, that's very sweet, but stop worrying about us." (1:04)

William tells Madeleine, "No, it's jet lag." (1:05)