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To the Bone

Lily Collins, Keanu Reeves, Carrie Preston, Lili Taylor
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Patient Penny: "It's like they're trying to drive us crazy." (0:01)

Her stepsister Kelly tells Ellen, "Oh my God, it's like you have calorie Asperger's." (0:04)

Her stepmother Susan tells Ellen, referring to Ellen’s father Jack, "He's very worried." (0:05)

Ellen asks Kelly, "Were you drunk?"
Referring to butterfly tattoos: ”They're retarded.”
Kelly: ”So I got a retarded butterfly.”
Ellen: ”Dad and Susan are going to kick me out or drag me back to treatment.” (0:08)

Ellen tells another girl, referring to Susan, "She's nuts."
Girl: ”But you had, like, a crazy fan or something.”
Ellen, referring to Susan,: ”You get one letter, you have a crazy fan.”
Girl: ”She made it sound like you had a stalker or something.” (0:12)

Susan tells eating disorder specialist Dr. William Beckham, referring to Ellen, "She said she was taking the antidepressant, but she'd been flushing them down the toilet. She was afraid they would make her gain weight... Her mother Judy, she is a bipolar lesbian."
”Judy has had several breakdowns.” (0:12)

Beckham tells Ellen, "You'll agree to a minimum of six weeks inpatient."
Ellen: ”I don't need more impatient.” (0:15)

Another girl resident introduces herself to Ellen: "Anna, bulimia nervosa, although, more nervosa than bulimia now.." (0:18)

Nurse Lobo tells Ellen and Susan, "We usually have six patients..." (0:20)
Referring to Ellen's medicine bottle: ”Could be diet pills, speed, laxatives.”

Patient Luke tells Ellen, "It's what we call our group therapy. Well, it's what I call group therapy."
Referring to the point system: ”And Lobo and the other nurses and counselors, can give them or take them away at will.” (0:22)

Group session:
Psychotherapist, referring to calories: “I'm guessing you're worried about how you're going to burn it off...”
Patient Pearl: ”Because I have an addiction?”
”... starving yourself can make you feel euphoric like a drug addict or an alcoholic... What you crave is the numbing of the thing that you don't want to feel...”
Lucas: ”I guess I'm obsessing about my injury...” (0:24)

Patient Megan tells Ellen, referring to Pearl, "You freaked her out with the 1500 thing... Don't stress. How many inpatients have you done?" (0:28)

Patient Kendra asks Ellen, "You purge?" (0:29)

Beckham tells Ellen, referring to family sessions, "It's standard when I see new patients." (0:30)

Her roommate Anna tells Ellen, "They were playing Shaun of the Dead..." (0:32)

Family session for Ellen:
Kelly tells Beckham, referring to Ellen, ”That's when she fainted on the bus.”
Beckham: ”There's plenty of stuff out there for people to fetishize.” (0:35)

Pearl tells the others, referring to Ellen, "She had family therapy today." (0:43)

Lucas: "Cigarette for dinner?"
Ellen: ”Not in the mood.” (0:44)

Lucas tells Ellen, "I could push it and push it, and then I broke and went batshit, obviously."
Poster for Singin' in the Rain on the wall of Lucas’ room.
”When I actually eat now, I get this crazy burst of energy.”
Ellen: ”I get all panicky even thinking about it...”
” Whoa, calorie Asperger's.” (0:46)

In a session, Beckham asks Ellen, "So how are you doing after family therapy."
”... and we're never doing family therapy again.”
”I'm not crazy about your name.” (0:54)

Lucas tells Ellen, "I don't run, psycho." (0:57)

Ellen tells Lucas, "I'm a full-on crazy person..." (1:00)

Lucas tells Ellen, "It's so crazy."
Ellen: ”... night stalking...”
”This rexie girl, who saw my stuff on Tumblr, like the way I saw... so much, that when she slit her wrists, she left me the... note.” (1:09)

One of the girls: "Don't be an idiot." (1:16)

In a session, Beckham tells Ellen, "... why that girl killed herself." (1:21)

Susan asks Beckham, "What kind of place is this, where your patients can just walk off like that, and nobody stops her?"
Beckham: ”The problem with treatment for some of these kids Is that we won't let them hit bottom.” (1:25)

Judy, referring to her wife: "Olive and I were worried that it wasn't going to work out with that doctor."
”God complex.”
Olive: ”And how about the way she talked about your mother's breakdowns?”
Judy: ”They were transformational for me. Everybody should have more breakdowns.”
Ellen, referring to Olive: ”But isn't that kind of like a conflict, her giving me therapy?” (1:26)

Judy tells Ellen, "I didn't know about postpartum depression."
”If death is what you want, I accept it now.” (1:29)