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Trailer Park Boys: The Movie

Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay, Mike Smith, Lucy Decoutere, Lydia Lawson-Baird, Cory Bowles, Michael Jackson, Gord Downie, Alex Lifeson, Gerry Dee, Glen Grant, Eugene Clark, Barrie Dunn, John Dunsworth, Patrick Roach
hashish | marijuana
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Ricky leaves a message for Julian: "... I need to get drunk... and I need some good... dope, Julian... not that shitty... mall dope you usually show up here with. Let's get high; let's get drunk..." (0:00)

By telephone Ricky tells Julian, referring to Ricky’s girlfriend, "Lucy's freakin'." (0:01)

Ricky: "I'm not growing dope... Lucy comes out to the car once in a while, and we smoke some dope and get drunk."
Lucy: "Yeah, you're getting drunk tonight, but you're also working."
Ricky: "We'll get some great hash, we'll get drunk, smoke some dope..." (0:01)

Ricky tells Cory and Trevor, "We are never, ever, working with you idiots again." (0:04)

Ricky tells the cops, referring to Julian, "He's mute... Terry... idiot..." (0:08)

Ricky, holding a joint: "If he was playing hockey and smoking dope, Julian would be so much happier..."
"Wayne, don't get drunk before the games." (0:11)

Ricky tells Donny via intercom, "Look, man, I'm sorry I freaked out." (0:15)

Ricky's father Ray: "... at least I get a government disability check every month." (0:16)

Ricky asks Ray, "You got me some dope plants?"
Ricky holds up marijuana plants. (0:16)

Ricky tells Jim, "You're just a drunk trailer park supervisor now."
"Go get drunk."
Jim's assistant Randy: "Mr. Lahey hasn't had a drink in almost two months."
Ricky: "I've been a bit stressed out lately... Didn't realize you quit drinking."
Jim: "Randy, don't let me start drinking again, bud." (0:17)

Ricky tells Ray, "I'm getting drunk with my family."
"Come up to Lucy's, we'll get stoned, we'll get drunk..." (0:20)

Ricky: "One night, me and Lucy got drunk at a party at Julian's..." (0:21)

Lucy tells Ricky, "No matter what happens between you and me, you got to start growing some dope..." (0:28)

Julian: "Ricky, if you want Lucy back, you got to start growing dope again..." (0:29)

Ricky tells Bubbles, referring to Bubbles' cats, "They're... pooping in my dope."
"I'm just grumpy."
"I'm just grumpy, man." (0:30)

Ricky tells his young daughter Trinity, you got to quit smoking." (0:33)

Jim's ex-wife Barb asks Randy, "Are you sure that he's not getting drunk...?" (0:34)

His friend Wanda shares a joint with Julian. Wanda: "Why are you nervous?"
Julian: "I'm not nervous."
Wanda: "You're all boob nervous."
Julian: "I'm not boob nervous." (0:39)

Bubbles, referring to Jim: "Crazy drunk bastard." (0:43)

Bubbles tells Julian and Ricky, referring to Jim, "... he's back on the liquor, and he's got that crazy look in his eye again."
Ricky: "Bubbles, Lahey is a drunk trailer park supervisor, and Randy's a drunk cheeseburger eater." (0:44)

Ricky asks Lucy, "Remember how it used to be when I was growing dope...?"
Referring to Lucy's boss Sonny: "I know you have needs, but this idiot?" (0:46)

Ricky and Lucy shotgun.
Ricky: "it's a Moroccan blonde hash... Do you want to get drunk with me tonight?" (0:51)

Ricky tells the other partiers that Lucy has been "... cool with me growing dope... cool with me smoking dope, getting drunk with my friends... " (0:54)

Randy, referring to his shed: "It got smashed down by a... drunk shit hustler." (0:57)

Ricky: "Barb will you tell... the drunk clown we're all paid up?"
Bubbles: "Well, what about what that drunk bastard did to my shed?"
Ricky: "Let's talk about drunk trailer park supervisors, getting drunk..., ruining people's lives..." (0:59)

Ricky screams at the popcorn clerks, "All right, you... idiots..." (1:04)

Ricky tells Bobby, "You better tell your dad to pay me for my dope." (1:06)

Ricky: "I had a bunch of good dope cuz I was growing dope back then. We just sat there, smoking dope, drinking." (1:08)

Trinity asks Ricky, "Are you drunk, Dad?" (1:10)

Police officer Ted tells Jim, "Mr. Lahey, despite the fact that you're drunk right now, here's what I'm going to do..." (1:11)

Ricky tells Lucy, "I, Richard, am going to cut back on my drinking to 3 or 4 days a week and smoking dope to probably five or six... I'm going to start growing dope again and get my life back on track." (1:14)

Ricky, referring to Jim: "Drunk bastard." (1:20)

Their attorney Mrs. Brown tells the court, referring to Bubbles, Ricky and Julian, "They're addicted to drugs and alcohol, and they live in a trailer park."
Ricky: "If Mr. Lahey's testimony is so... important, then I want to hook him up to a breathalyzer. He should clearly show he's not drunk... cuz I think he is drunk... It's not my fault that officer cock-knuckles and dick-luck here work with a drunk trailer park supervisor. He's not a cop. He's a drunk. "
"You got no problem with being hooked up to a breathalyzer, do you, Lahey? I mean, you shouldn't be drunk."
Judge: "Bailiff, do we have a breathalyzing machine in the building?"
"Well, let's get it in here and find out who's drunk and who's not." (1:22)

Lahey blows into the breath analyser. Ricky whispers, "Come on, you're drunk. You got to be drunk. You're always drunk, you drunk. Come on, you're drunk. You've got to be drunk. "
Bailiff, reading the breath analyzer: "The witness is intoxicated, your honor."
Randy: "I knew he was wasted. I knew he was wasted."
Bubbles: "He's loaded." (1:24)

Cory: "It was insane, dude." (1:26)

Ricky: "All I have to do now is spend time with my family and grow dope." (1:27)

Lahey reads a book entitled Quit Drinking for Life. (1:28)