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Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Tyler Labine, Alan Tudyk, Katrina Bowden, Jesse Moss, Philip Granger, Brandon Jay McLaren, Christie Laing, Chelan Simmons, Alex Arsenault, Travis Nelson, Karen Reigh
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Chad tells Chuck, “Squeal like a pig.
Allison: "I am in a car full of morons."
Mitch: "No, if we were morons, we wouldn't have thought to bring this."
He presents a joint to the others. (0:01)

Dale: "Are you out of your mind, Tucker?" (0:04)

Dale tells Tucker, "I always... act like a big fat idiot."
Tucker: "You've got an inferiority complex." (0:06)

Dale, referring to the former owner: "Must've been a real news junky too." (0:10)

Chad lights a joint and smokes it. (0:11)

Allison tells Chad, "You totally freaked me out."
"Chad, You're drunk."
Chad: "It lowers my inhibitions." (0:14)

Dale tells Tucker, "Well, you were being a peeping Tom." (0:16)

Dale, referring to himself: "Big stupid idiot." (0:18)

Mitch: "It doesn't mean they're psycho killers." (0:20)

Dale tells Allison, "... you... banged your head..."
Allison: "I'm getting my bachelors degree in psychology."
"I just always thought that I'd make a really good therapist."
Tucker tells Dale, "Well I didn't do it on purpose, you idiot." (0:21)

Tucker tells Dale, "This is a suicide pact."
"These kids are comin' out here, and they're killin' themselves all over the woods."
"There we were... when kids started killin' themselves all over my property."
"You would have to be a moron to believe that, Dale." (0:34)

Chad tells the others, "I mean a few little tiny murders and everyone just freaks out."
"Don't you... idiots know anything?" (0:36)

Tucker tells the sheriff, "... these kids started killin' themselves all over my property."
Sheriff: "You must think that I'm some kind of moron to believe a story like that."
Dale: "Not a moron."
Dale, referring to Allison: "She could maybe explain the whole thing if, if I hadn't have knocked her unconscious with a shovel."
Tucker: "Officer, do we look like a couple of psycho killers to you?" (0:39)

Dale asks Allison, "Do some of your friends take medication?"
"Because I think they forgot to take it."
"It's like all of your friends just decided to go nuts at the same time."
"... they started killin' themselves..."
"I was nervous." (0:51)

Naomi tells Allison and Chad, "It's called the Stockholm syndrome..." (0:58)

Allison assumes the role of psychotherapist for group psychotherapy.
Chad tells the others, "By the time I was born my mother was already institutionalized." (1:00)

Allison tells Tucker and Dale, "I'm a terrible therapist." (1:06)

Dale tells Allison and Tucker, referring to Chad, "Crazy college kid can't catch us now." (1:07)

Tucker tells Dale, "... you're better than you think you are." (1:09)

Allison reads a newspaper article about the survivor of a massacre: "She's now undergoing psychiatric evaluation." (1:17) 

Television reporter: "What appears to be a mass suicide involving a group of mentally unstable college kids may in fact be the work of alone deranged killer whose body is yet to be found." (1:19)

Tucker tells Dale, "I'm feelin' high on prescription medication." (1:19)

Dale tells his friend B.J., "Don't be nervous." (1:21)