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Twelve O'Clock High

CastCampbell Copelin, Dean Jagger, Don Guadagno, Don Hicks, Gary Merrill
Year released1949
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Willie tells Colonel Keith Davenport, referring to Mac: "It took the back of his head right off, only he didn't pass out. It just made a crazy man out of him." (0:12)

Brigadier General Frank Savage tells Davenport, referring to the altitude, "It'll be suicide at 9."
Davenport, referring to the bomber crews: ”Are you going to drive them till they crack?”
”Don't worry about me. If you want something to worry about, worry about the crews.” (0:21)

Savage tells Major General Prichard, referring to Davenport, "Over-identification with his men, I think that's what they call it." (0:27)

Davenport tells Lieutenant Zimmerman, "Don't worry about a thing." (0:29)

Davenport tells Prichard, referring to Zimmerman, "That boy’s got a persecution complex."
Pritchard: ”Have the flight surgeon give you a shot that'll make you sleep 24 hours.” (0:30)

Richard tells Savage, "That's what cracked Keith." (0:34)

Savage tells an MP, referring to his car, "Goering could have been in it." (0:36)

Sergeant Mcilhenny tells Savage, referring to the air exec, "He left right after Lieutenant Zimmerman’s funeral."
”Suicide, sir.” (0:38)

Maj. Harvey Stovall tells Savage, "It's the first time I've been drunk in 20 years, but it may not be the last."
Stovall, referring to the air exec: ”It's only an opinion, but it’s possible he may be drunk too.”

Savage tells Lieutenant Colonel Ben Gately, ”You left the station to get drunk.” (0:4?)

Savage tells the bomber group, "Fear is normal, but stop worrying about it and about yourselves." (0:52)

Maj. Joe Cobb tells Savage, "No need to tell you I was stiff."
Savage: ”Well, stiff or not, you laid it on the line.”
Flight surgeon Maj. “Doc” Kaiser tells Savage, ”You gave them the shock treatment this morning, a bucket of cold water. I take it that's the key in which you want me to approach the problem as to how much stress they can take.”
”Besides the normal stress of a lot of flying, these men have had the breaking up of a strong personal attachment.”
Savage: ”You suggest a treatment?” (0:54)

Stovall tells Savage, "I think I'm suffering from combat fatigue." (1:31)

Savage: "Are you drunk, Colonel Stovall?"
Stovall: ”That is not why I'm drunk tonight. I got drunk because I am confused... and it confused me. I think I shall stay drunk until I'm not confused anymore.” (1:58)

Savage appears disoriented, confused and delirious after complaining that his right arm will not work. (2:02)

Kaiser tells Davenport, referring to Savage, who appears catatonic, "State of shock. Complete collapse." (2:03)

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