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Thomas Mann, Joan Cusack, Kristen Wiig, James Marsden, Linda Cardellini, Tim Robbins, Loretta Devine, Wes Bentley, Alan Tudyk, Jennifer Jason Leigh
aripiprazole | Abilify | heroin | marijuana
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Alice listens to messages left on her answering machine. Her friend Gina: "I just had the craziest phone conversation with this telemarketer..."
Her psychiatrist Dr. Moffat: "I had no idea you weren't picking up your medication." (0:02)

Videotapes about addiction on Alice's bookshelf (0:04)

Alice reads her prepared statement on television: "... I've been using masturbation as a sedative since 1991." (0:07)

In session Alice tells Dr. Moffat, "I'm managing my moods by living a high protein lifestyle."
Moffat: "What's going on with the Abilify?"
Alice: "... I will no longer be collecting disability from the State of California..."
Moffat: "Since the psychopharmacological value of string cheese in the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder is not... Why did you stop your medication?" (0:08)

Director Dawn: "Not the crazy bitch." (0:15)

Alice tells television host Gabe, "When I was 16 I was diagnosed with manic depression. In my 20s it was called rapid cycling bipolar disorder. Now it's just called Borderline Personality Disorder."
"Now it's just called Borderline Personality Disorder... For most of my life, I let my diagnosis define who I was."
"... I've been using masturbation as a sedative since 1991." (0:17)

Meeting: Alice responds: "That's crazy."
Dawn: "Like a nervous breakdown is fun?" (0:20)

Session 2 with Moffat "You're off your meds." (0:23)

Alice tells Gabe, "Well, um, we have regulating you moods with a high protein lifestyle." (0:25)

Alice tells her television audience, "To me it's worse than heroin, worse than any childhood sexual abuse... Then I went off my meds..."
"Sometime I really wonder about people, whether they stop maturing emotionally because of a traumatic event..."
An actress portraying Alice tells an actress portraying Jordana, "... and by hair I mean defense mechanisms."
Alice: "You told everyone at school I was borderline." (0:33)

Alice: "You said Bill looked like a drug addict..." (0:42)

Alice's mother: "Not everyone is an emotional exhibitionist." (0:43)

Session 3: Moffat: "I should let you know that i tried to have you put on psychiatric hold last week."
"It means having you involuntarily committed for an observation period."
"I'm going to read a list of symptoms common to people getting off of Abilify." (0:45)

Dawn: "Your wantonness and perversion..." (0:45)

Alice shares a joint with Rainer. (0:49)

Recording of Moffat telling Alice, "If it's a dosage thing, we can figure it out, make adjustments." (0:51)

Moffat tells Alice, referring to a list of other psychiatrists, "They'd be happy to take you on as a patient." (0:54)

Producer Rich tells Alice, "... a lot of good hard-working non-psychotic people will lose their jobs..." (1:00)

Alice tells Gina, visiting her in a psychiatric hospital, "Back on the happy pills." (1:06)

Alice tells Rich, "Back on my meds."(1:08)

Actress portraying Alice tells actress portraying Gina, "Maybe I should go back to the halfway house where I have been living for most of 1996." (1:15)