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Welcome to the Sticks

Kad Merad, Dany Boon, Zoe Felix
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Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis

Postal manager Philippe tells his wife Julie, "The handicapped come before the string pullers."
”The Riviera is handicapped only?” (0:03)

His manager friend tells Philippe, "You're crazy to come here."
Philippe: ”I earned that transfer, handicapped or not.”
”Say I'm handicapped on the request.”
Manager: ”Are you insane?” (0:04)

Inspector Lebic asks Philipe, ”How long have you been handicapped, Mr. Abrams?”
Philippe: ”Reliving it is traumatic.”
Lebic: ”I have two transfer request in your name... the other, for Cassis, 6 months ago: No handicap.”
Philipe: "The first, as non-handicapped, because I wanted to be treated as normal, like anyone else. It’s important to us, the handicapped." (0:08)

His manager friend tells Philippe, "Nut job. You're a total nut job."
”Not a handicap imposter.” (0:10)

Julie asks Philippe, "Another handicapped guy?"
”I'm not an idiot.”
Philippe: ”After two years in the north, it's like I'm handicapped.”
”To get the Sanary job I said I was handicapped.”
Julie: ”You pretended you were handicapped?” (0:12)

Philippe sees pictures of postman Antoine Bailleul dressed like a woman. (0:25)

Customer Vasseur tells Philippe, "I don't take confabulation."
”I don't cotton to confabulation.” (0:34)

By telephone, Philippe tells Julie, "I didn't want to worry you." (0:45)

Julie tells Philippe, referring to the Northerners, "Sure, alcoholics."
Philippe: ”Not really alcoholics.” (0:50)

Philippe asks Antoine, "Are you drunk?" (0:52)

Philippe tails postal clerk Annabelle, "I'm a postal manager not a social worker." (1:02)

Philippe tells Antoine, "My wife is depressed, clinically even." (1:04)

Vasseur tells Philippe and Antoine, "I never touch alcohol." (1:08)

Philippe tells Antoine, "I love it, and it doesn't get you drunk." (1:10)

By telephone, Julie asks Philippe, "Why were you drunk, on a bicycle?"
Philippe: ”They're sobering me up.” (1:13)

Julie asks Philippe, "2 days sober, no side effects?"
”I read where alcoholics do that.” (1:14)

Philippe tells Julie, referring to a truck driver, "He's a maniac." (1:15)

A police officer tells Philippe, "We're taking you for a blood test."
Sleep tells Julie, ”Don't worry.” (1:16)

Philippe tells the other postal workers, "My wife is depressed." (1:17)

Annabelle asks postal bank specialist Yann, "Are you crazy?" (1:25)

Philippe, referring to his son Rafael: "What an idiot." (1:45)