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What Have I Done to Deserve This?

Carmen Maura, Ángel de Andrés López, Verónica Forqué, Ryo Hiruma, Luis Hostalot, Juan Martinez, Chus Lampreave, Cecilia Roth, Kiti Mánver
Truman Capote | Adolf Hitler | caffeine | Nodoz | dextroamphetamine | Dexedrine | glue | heroin | lithium | marijuana
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Writer Lucas tells cab driver Antonio, “Letters by Hitler.”
”The one who was mad about you.”
Antonio: “Not even Hitler.” (0:05)

Young drug dealer Tonia, son of Gloria and Antonio, tells some other boys, “A joint is harmless.” (0:10)

Actress on television: “We came home... a little tipsy.” (0:12)

Her mother-in-law tells Gloria, “You’ll have a breakdown.” (0:19)

Prostitute neighbor Cristal asks Toni, “Been sniffing some horse?”
Toni: “I smoked a joint.”
Cristal: “If I catch you screwing around with horse...”
Toni: ”Shit, man, dope’s business, not fun.” (0:19)

Lucas tells Cristal he wants, “Some normal, elegant sophisticated sadism like in French films.”
Cristal: “You’re not a real sadist.”
Cristal, referring to Gloria: “She’s a bit hysterical...” (0:20)

Toni tells Cristal, “If you screw my brother, I’ll give you a line.” (0:23)

Gloria asks her younger son Miguel, “Want a Nodoz?”
Miguel: “It makes me nervous.” (0:23)

Gloria sniffs glue. (0:26)

Her dressmaker neighbor Juani tells Gloria, referring to Juani's daughter Vanessa, “She drives me nuts.”
”They say I should take her to a psychiatrist.” (0:28)

One woman asks another, “Those drunks?” (0:30)

Lucas’ wife Patricia tells Gloria, “I find cleaning terribly depressing.” (0:32)

Pedro tells Lucas, referring to Pedro’s girlfriend Marisol, “She can’t stand me sober either.” (0:33)

Lucas tells Patricia, “I’m euphoric.”
Truman Capote wrote his best novel with his charwoman.” (0:33)

Grandmother Blasa tells Toni and his drug supplier, “I’m hooked.”
Toni asks him, “Good smack?”
”I don’t cut the stuff.” (0:34)

Toni prepares drugs for sale. (0:37)

Gloria: “Where’s my Nodoz?” (0:38)

Gloria tells Cristal, “Don’t be crazy.”
Cristal, referring to a client: “He’s an exhibitionist.” (0:43)

Lucas tells Antonio, "The moment I saw Hitler’s letters I got this wonderful idea.”
”With a few changes it could be Hitler... When it becomes known I have Hitler’s memoirs, they’ll go wild.”
Antonio: “Hitler had written to Lotte von Mossel, but the letters got lost.” (0:47)

Pedro tells Patricia and Lucas, “I’ve gone through hell to stop drinking.”
Patricia “Your sense of smell’s gone with the treatment.”
Patricia: “I’m a bit of an alcoholic too.”
Pedro: “I’m not in a babysitting mood.” (0:50)

Patricia tells Lucas, “I was a kleptomaniac when we met.” (0:52)

Blasa tells Toni, “Your father’s in one of his moods.”
Toni: “You’re hooked.” (0:53)

Policeman Polo tells a psychiatrist, “I’m impotent.” (0:54)

Writer Ingrid washes down capsules from a large assortment on a tray with champagne apparently trying to kill herself. She tells Lucas, “I’m trying to kill myself.”
Lucas: “I’m writing Hitler’s memoirs.” (0:58)

Gloria asks Antonio, “What’s changed your mood?” (1:03)

Theater marquee: "Splendor in the Grass" (1:04)

Gloria asks a pharmacist, “Some Nodoz, please.”
Pharmacist: “You need a prescription to get it.”Gloria: “Well, then, give me some Bostaid.”
Gloria: Well, give me some Dexedrines.”
Pharmacist: “You have the syndrome.”
Gloria: “The syndrome?”
Pharmacist: “Go to the doctor; tell him you’re an addict, and you need pills.”
Gloria: “Me, and addict?”
Pharmacist: “What you’re asking for are drugs.”
Gloria: “Alright, so now I’m a dope addict.” (1:04)

Cristal tells dressmaker Juani, referring to Juani’s daughter Vanessa, “You’ll traumatize her.” (1:08)

Cristal tells Gloria, referring to Juani, “She’s going mad.” (1:10)

One detective tells another, “Cupcakes and lithium salt.”
Other detective: “Lithium salt.”
Gloria, referring to Blasa: “She’s addicted to sweets and effervescents.” (1:14)

A person translates from a newspaper for Patricia: “... Ingrid Muller has committed suicide.”
Patricia tells Lucas, “Ingrid Muller has committed suicide.” (1:19)

The psychiatrist tells Polo and Cristal, “Impotence is caused by what we call anxiety of execution.”
”... the anxiety will disappear.” (1:23)

Polo tastes a drug powder in Cristal’s apartment.
Polo tells Cristal, “If you don’t charge me, I won’t mention the heroin.”
Cristal: “What heroin?”
”Heroin cuts your appetite...”
”I like it, but it makes me nervous, like the psychiatrist said.”
Polo: “Forget the heroin.” (1:25)

Her friend Paquita tells Blasa, “All the old ones are dying.”
”Poor Torrezno hung himself.” (1:28)

Toni tells Gloria, “No more Nodoz.”
Cold turkey is a bummer.” (1:29)