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Who Gets The Dog?

CastAlicia Silverstone, Ryan Kwanten, Randall Batinkoff
Year released2016
Spoiler alert
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A nurse asks physician Olive, “Where are you on the grief scale?” (0:05)

Olive’s professional hockey player Clay sorts through the movie collection: “Nightmare on Elm Street, Get Smart, The Departed, Lethal Weapon, It’s a Wonderful Life... E.T....”
”... Flashdance.” (0:05)

Judge Hutcheon: “The outstanding issue of contention is the custody arrangements for a mixed breed dog, and joint custody is not an option?”
”... [Clay] seems less prepared for sole custody at this time. It’s the court’s decision to award sole custody to Miss Greene.”
”At that point I’ll decide who gets custody of the dog for good.” (0:13)

His hockey coach friend Rhett reads the titles of Clay’s books: “Winning Child Custody, A Father’s Guide... Custody Warriors...” (0:17)

Veterinary behaviourist Dr. Wendy tells Olive and Clay, “I’ve been appointed... to determine who is best suited to care for Wesley in the event of a custody ruling.”
”Wesley is on the verge of psychological disarray.” (0:20)

Clay tells Olive: “Psychological disarray...”
Olive: “Ah, that woman was clearly insane.” (0:23)

Olive tells Wesley, “So you got a little cranky and destroyed the living room...” (0:24)

Dog trainer Glenn tells Olive, “There’s a tension in your body that Wesley can sense, and it makes him anxious.” (0:31)

Clay tells Olive, “You’re a good mom... crazy, but good.” (0:33)

The nurse tells Olive, “Well, when you get nervous, you eat like a zombie.” (0:34)

Rhett asks Clay, “Wouldn’t that be crazy if this dude is Wesley’s new stepdad?” (0:36)

Clay tells Olive, “My diagnosis: He just needed some alone time.” (0:42)

Dog day care manager, referring to Wesley: “He’s Jackson Pollocking the hallway.” (0:46)

By telephone the manager tells someone, “I think clearly the dog has some sort of anxiety disorder.” (0:46)

Dr. Wendy tells Olive and Clay, “You need to realize that you may no longer be married, but you still share custody of Wesley.” (0:47)

Clay tells Rhett, “It was Apocalypse Now with a dog.” (1:05)

Judge Hutcheon tells Clay, referring to Dr. Wendy, “... She found you to be... ‘a complete lunatic.’... This is no longer a custody issue.” (1:15)

A homeless man tells Clay, “I’ll probably just buy crack.” (1:24)

Sportscaster, referring to Clay: “Has to be very nervous.” (1:25)

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