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Winchester '73

James Stewart, Shelley Winters, Dan Duryea, Stephen McNally, Millard Mitchell, Charles Drake, John McIntire, Will Geer, Jay C. Flippen, Rock Hudson, John Alexander, Steve Brodie, James Millican, Abner Biberman, Tony Curtis, James Best
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Chief Young Bull tells Indian trader Joe Lamont, "If you want my gold, bring me the guns with which Crazy Horse and the Sioux of the north made their war at the Little Big Horn." (0:34)

Steve Miller tells dance hall woman Lola Manners, "That wheel is enough to drive anybody crazy." (0:38)

Lin McAdam tells Lola, "My father was killed." (0:48)

Steve tells Lola, "I was yellow, crazy yellow..." (1:01)

Steve dies in Lola’s arms. (1:08)

One of Dutch Henry Brown’s sidekicks, referring to Waco Johnnie Dean: "Sometimes I think he’s a little on the crazy side." (1:12)

Dean tells the others, referring to Lola, "She is crazy about me." (1:12)

Reference in Swimming with Sharks