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Within The Whirlwind

Emily Watson, Pam Ferris, Ian Hart
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Professor Evgenia Ginzburg tells her old friend Dimitry Dikowitski, "You’re drunk." (0:21)

Her husband Pavel asks Evgenia, "Are you mad?" (0:26)

Woman: "I understand how you can be deluded when you’re free..." (0:40)

Evgenia sees a fleeting vision of her son Alyosha. (0:43)

A prisoner screams, "You idiot." (0:51)

A prison official reads a letter from Evgenia’s mother to Evgenia, "Your former husband was summoned for interrogation, and killed himself in custody."
”... Alyosha was sent to a your camp and died of starvation.... ” (0:54)

Another vision of Alyosha (0:56)

Evgenia tells Dr. Anton Walter, "What an idiot I am even to talk to you."
Anton: ”You are an idiot, and I am an idiot. We’re all idiots.” (1:01)

Anton tells his assistant: "We don’t want any confusion, Confucius." (1:16)

Evgenia asks Anton, referring to the deaths of his wife and daughters, "How can you bear the loss?" (1:27)

Anton tells Evgenia, referring to Vleskin, “All I care about is that he sometimes manages to get me medicines I need for my patients." (1:29)

Evgenia grieves the suicide of her prisoner friend Lena. (1:34)