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Woman on the Run

Ann Sheridan, Dennis O'Keefe, Robert Keith
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Police Inspector Ferris asks artist witness Frank Johnson, "What are you worried about?" (0:06)

Ferris, referring to Frank, "The idiot’ll get himself killed." (0:07)

Ferris tells Frank’s wife Eleanor, referring to Johnson: "Reads books on psychology."
”Maybe he's confused.”
”Worried? I thought you were beyond worrying about him.”
”If he doesn’t give himself up, you’re really going to have something to worry about.”
Detective, addressing Ferris: ”Hey Mark, here's a prescription for Frank Johnson.” (0:08)

Ferris tells Eleanor, "Your husband isn't a hypochondriac."
”Not without a prescription he can't.” (0:22)

Dr. Hohler answers Eleanor, "My guess is overwork, unhappiness, anxiety..."
Eleanor: ”Oh yes, I'm that bitter, selfish, vicious wife...”
Hohler: ”I'm not a psychiatrist, Mrs. Johnson.” (0:25)

Ferris: "Mrs. Johnson, didn't your husband ever beat you?" (0:31)

Reporter Leggett tells Eleanor, "Oh, don't be so grumpy this morning."
”Don't you worry about it.” (0:32)

A bartender tells Eleanor, referring to Frank, "Not that I Imagine he was too easy to live with, being so quiet and moody and strange at times..."
”Well, I guess people are entitled to do crazy things on their birthday.” (0:40)

Entertainer Sammy tells Ferris, referring to Entertainer Susie, "I just can't believe she killed herself." (0:44)

Eleanor tells Ferris, "Oh, don't worry."
Referring to her dog: ”I'm worried about Rembrandt.” (0:49)

Eleanor tells the veterinarian, referring to Rembrandt, "But I'm worried about him, doctor." (0:52)

Ferris tells a woman, "I'm here for treatment myself." (0:53)

Eleanor faints after seeing a body. (0:56)

Eleanor tells Leggett, "Then I saw it wasn't Frank, and I fainted."
”I really did faint.” (0:57)

Leggett tells Frank, "You’re going to kill yourself." (1:14)