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Written on the Wind

Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall, Robert Stack, Dorothy Malone, Robert Keith, Grant Williams, Robert J. Wilke, Edward Platt, Harry Shannon
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Marylee faints. (0:02)

Geologist Mitch tells secretary Lucy, “Kyle Hadley’s at 21, in the mood for a conference.” (0:04)

Lucy tells her oil baron father-in-law Jason, referring to her husband, Marylee's brother, Kyle, “I haven’t seen him drunk yet.”
”I know all about his anxieties and fears.” (0:29)

Mitch tells Jason’s son Kyle, “And sober, too.”
Bartender Dan: “You’re crazy, Roy.” (0:29)

Mitch tells Kyle’s sister Marylee, “I was an idiot boy then.”
Marylee, referring to her brother Kyle, “The other idiot boy’s downstairs having himself a big party.”
”Married a whole year and still sober and still faithful.”
”Still the idiot boy. (0:43)

Kyle tells Dr. Paul Cochrane, “Beats prescription liquor, doesn’t it, doc.” (0:45)

Telegram to Kyle: “Shocked and bereaved by your father’s untimely death.” (1:04)

Mitch tells his father Hoak, referring to Kyle, “I’m waiting for him to sober up.” (1:10)

Lucy tells Mitch, “I’ve found out why Kyle’s been drinking so heavily.” (1:11)

Mitch asks Marylee, referring to Kyle, “Was he drunk?” (1:13)

Kyle asks Lucy, “You think I was just a drunken idiot?” (1:19)

Marylee answers the judge, referring to Kyle: “... afraid he might even use it on himself.”
Judge: “Why would Kyle Hadley want to kill himself?”
Marylee: ”He was depressed...” (1:36)