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You're Driving Me Crazy (1990)

Norman Fell, Madeleine Dominique, Laird Evans, Victoria Barkoff, Kahil Karn, Attilla Bertalan
Sigmund Freud | cocaine | trifluoperazine | Stelazine
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Aids wheel a restrained patient past a nursing station with "PSYCHIATRY" on the wall. (0:01)

Psychiatrist Dr. A asks asks Dr. F, "New patient?" (0:02)

Young Matt sees his parents as aliens who talk to him without using their mouths. (0:08)

Ambulance attendants carry Matt, restrained, on a stretcher.
Matt: "I'm not crazy. I'm not crazy." (0:24)

Dr. J, referring to Matt: "We have the poor boy on medication of course, but he's still quite delusional."
Dr. A: "You Freudians could get a lot of mileage out of that one."
Dr. F: "No respectable psychiatrist referring to himself today would ever use that 'F' word."
Dr. A: "... severe alienation leading to psychosis." (0:25)

Producer Frank tells business associates Alice and Rob, referring to a character, "Her crazy old aunt is in town... he can't even stand up straight -- blind drunk." (0:29)

Walking away from Frank, Pickens mutters, "Crazy." (0:35)

Frank hallucinates a woman laughing. (0:39, 0:45, 0:46, 0:47, 0:48)

Frank tells Alice and Rob, "What happens is... it's about the drunk. Oh, it's called 'The Drunk'... he gets really, really drunk, I mean he's really nervous, so he decides to tie one on, and I mean a big one... He gets so drunk that he goes completely comatose..."
Frank hallucinates laughter again. (0:42)

Dr. A: "He... seems to have abandoned his previous personality completely."
Dr. J: "Sounds like a simple case of guilt repression..."
Dr. A: "...but not even guilt can survive the dosage of Stelazine that I've got him on."
Dr. F: "... whereas this new patient seems to be suffering from an absence of guilt." (0:51)

Photographer Michael tells model Cindy, "Maybe you've been putting too much candy up your nose."
"Cindy, I just hope you're not running off to meet your damn cocaine friends."
"If you don't stop now, you're gonna become an addict... such a shame, any addiction."
Referring to Cindy's friend Tony: "That's because he wants you hooked and dependent on him too." (0:53)

Michael tells camera store owner Ernie, referring to Cindy, "It's her; it's drugs." (0:58)

Michael asks the taxi driver, "What are you blabbering about, you burned out idiot?" (1:10)

Michael tells Cindy, referring to Belinda, "... because she's... not dependent on drugs like you are."
"Now you be a really good little coke whore."
The client tells Carl: "I can't do business with a lunatic."
Michael: "Lunatic? You call me a lunatic when they call this fashion?" (1:12)

Dr. F, referring to Michael, "... he still spends most of his time in a semi-catatonic state..." (1:18)

Dr. A, as he takes his medication with Drs. F and J: "Oh well, another day, another trauma." (1:19)