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A Holy Venetian Family

Neri Marcorè, Vittorio Boscolo, Anna Dalton
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His policeman brother-in-law Alessio tells Gualtiero, “Go over to the ambulance to do a breathalyzer test.” (0:02)

A man holds the muzzle of a pistol against his chin as though preparing to kill himself. (0:20)

His superior tells Alessio, “Stop this obsession with your brother-in-law.” (0:31)

Alessio’s superior tells Gualtiero, “You’d better get your memory back before we find them.” (1:03)

Gualtiero asks his salesman Django, “Are you crazy?” (1:04)

Gualtiero watches Alessio and gangster Gennaro engaging in masochism with bank manager Emma as dominatrix. (1:10)