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Analyze That

Robert De Niro, Billy Crystal, Lisa Kudrow
Joyce Brothers | Sigmund Freud | chlorpromazine | Thorazine | cocaine
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The sequel to Analyze This

Psychiatrist Ben speaks of the two sides of his deceased father at the memorial service: "One is the public Isaac Sobel, the eminent psychotherapist... He was a psychotic, mind f**king prick." Dr. Joyce Brothers sits next to Ben's mother. (0:05)

Ben apologizes to FBI agents for his wife Laura, "She's grieving. It's a process."
Agent Miller: "Well shortly after you two spoke he seemed to have some kind of breakdown." (0:09)

Observing gang boss Paul in his prison cell prison psychiatrist Dr. Kassam tells Ben, "I'm shooting him with Thorazine 300 mg bid. It seems to keep him pretty calm." When they enter the cell Paul does not respond to his real name but does respond to "Tony" (the character from West Side Story). He addresses Ben as "Maria." Intermetamorphosis? (0:10)

Dr. Kassam tells Ben, "He sings for a while then he goes completely catatonic."
Ben: "When I was a resident we used to play with the catatonics." Holding a syringe with needle in front of Paul he continues, "So if he is truly catatonic, if I stuck him with this needle.. then he shouldn't feel a thing." He plunges the needle into Paul's thigh. Paul remains still.
Ben: "When he comes out of this I want to do some neuropsychological testing." (0:11)

Ben administers the tests to Paul, first using ink blots, then colored blocks. (0:12)

Ben relates his diagnosis to agent Chapin: "Based on his symptoms and his test results I would call it brief psychotic disorder and if it persists, schizophreniform disorder. Dr. Kassam, the psychiatrist at Sing Sing, concurs with the diagnosis... In certain people prolonged exposure to stressful situations... can produce a temporary psychotic state... He could deteriorate to the point that he's permanently schizophrenic."
Ben: "My father just died, and I'm grieving."
Chapin: You want to see him sent to a facility for the criminally insane?"
Ben: "I handle neurotic soccer moms and alcoholic Gentiles." (0:14)

Paul tells Ben, referring to his father's death, "He's dead so get over it." (0:18)

Psychotherapy session for Paul at Ben's home office. Paul says, "I'm anxious." (0:25)

Ben talks to Paul about "when your father was murdered"
Paul: "I think about it every day." (0:29)

Paul's bodyguard Jelly tells Ben about the death of the witness, "the guy committed suicide..." (0:31)

Psychotherapy session. (0:36)

Paul describes a dream to Ben: "I'm 16. You're Freud." We see Ben as Sigmund Freud, first using a spoon to snort cocaine, then holding a cigar." (0:39)
Ben: "In this case it's about performance anxiety."
Paul: "I'll f**king kill myself." He has a panic attack. Ben has him breathe into a paper bag.
Ben, himself as a panic attack, grabs the bag from Paul and uses it himself: "I'm grieving. It's a process." Ben pops a pill which he tells Paul is "Echinacea." (0:40)

Ben takes more pills, begins to slur his speech. Paul tells him, "You sound like a f**kng retard." (0:42)

Laura tells Ben, "You need to be grieving for your father."
Ben: "I became a therapist because he was a therapist." (0:45)

Director (?) Raoul apologizes to Paul, "It's a nervous defense mechanism."(0:50)

Gangster Masiello asks Ben, "You the shrink taking care of Paul Vitti?"
Ben: "Yes. I am."
Eddie: "So's he nuts or what?"
Ben: "I'm sorry. I don't discuss my patients' cases with anyone."
Eddie: "Discuss it."
Ben: "He's suffering from a chronic anxiety antisocial personality disorder sociopathy." (0:53)

Ben tells Paul, "You passive-aggressively arrange for me to look like a fool." He pops a few more pills.
Paul: What're you doing, self-medicating again?" (1:02)

Laura tells Ben, "A few days ago you weren't even sure you were still going to be a therapist." (1:09)

Paul comforts Ben when he has another panic attack. (1:20)

Ben and Paul cry together about their father's deaths. (1:21)

Ben attacks Eddie when he threatens Paul with a revolver: "That's what I hate about you f**king sociopaths... You antisocial misfit piece of sh*t. This time you f**ked with the wrong shrink." As Ben points his revolver at Eddie he says, "This session is over." (1:22)
One gangster asks another, "What's a sociopath?" (1:23)

On the bus a gangster tells Ben, "You're one tough shrink." (1:25)

Been tells Paul, "You're grieving, Paul." In unison they say, "It's a process." Paul tells Ben, "You give'm a little psychology, then you beat'm up." (1:28)