Apps for Psychiatry

Robert Post, MD started publishing paper charts for tracking mood, meds, events and other information relevant to Bipolar Disorder years ago, but Optimism here is the first I have discovered that might handle the task digitally. I hope they come up with an Android app.

I have not tried Optimism or recommended it to patients yet, but I have started tracking my own moods with the T2 Mood Tracker from the National Center for Telehealth and Technology. I find the free Android app easy to use. It produces a graph to track mood, anxiety, PTSD, and head injury related parameters. A patient could show it to his provider during visits, but I would like the capability for providers to view the chart in real time with a browser which would allow more accurate viewing via Skype/Tango. When the app detects out of the ordinary entries, it suggests you make a note, which you can also save in the app for later viewing.

A patient actually introduced me to the idea of an (iPhone) app for monitoring sleep. I downloaded the free Android app Sleep Graph. To use it I must activate it, then leave it on the corner of my bed all night. (I wonder whether it can produce separate graphs for each person and animal on the bed.)

Two apps from Apple appear to allow you to address sleep problems:

ResMed appears to focus on breathing related sleep problems.

Sleep Hygiene seems to record total sleep time and other parameters for overall sleep monitoring.

What other apps have you found useful for addressing psychiatric problems?

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