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Man Bites Dog?

Online reviews of physicians by patients have become routine, but the reverse happens too, just not online.

Many physicians now review the medical records of prospective patients prior to scheduling the first encounter. This practice may help assure a good patient-physician fit, but it may also help the physician avoid getting stuck with patients they regard as difficult. 

Physicians particularly want to avoid patients who expect them to order or renew prescriptions for controlled substances, especially opioids. Review of prescription monitoring program entries can go a long way toward accomplishing that.

The more fragmented the patient's care, the less likely this practice will achieve the desired result. Patients still control who gets which records, so in theory patients with numerous providers might be able to keep selected providers' records out of sight of the new physician.

Keeping all patient records resided in a single cloud-based patient-centric electronic medical record (EMR) might streamline this process.

Even now, however, it behooves patients to behave well if they want to keep their options open.

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