Brilliant Fiction

A big thank you goes to APA Pres. Jeffrey A. Lieberman, MD for taking a risk in admitting that the emperor is naked. In his Scientific American "MIND Guest Blog" post Dr. Lieberman writes, "Freudian theory turned out to be a brilliant fiction about personality and behavior."

I trained with Jeff and have heard him speak, so I have good reason to believe that his statement in no way represents an indictment of psychotherapy, perhaps even psychoanalysis. More likely he wants to confirm the pseudoscience status of the theories that underlie Freudian approaches. I credit our training director Michael Schwartz, MD for introducing us to the work of Jaspers and Popper undermining Freudian theory.

I suspect the psychoanalyst members of APA remain strong and vocal and will attack Dr. Lieberman for his position, but I believe he has enhanced the credibility of the organization.

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