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The Bupe Implant and Delusions of Control

Within days of approval of Probuphine implantable buprenorphine the alarmists and control freaks have started promoting delusions of ability to control what chemicals people choose to put in their bodies.

Test them for drugs and count their pills, they say. When they fail to show up for (frequent) sessions of “psychosocial support” track them down at random intervals.

They predict removal of implants from the arms of addicts to get the drug will lead to an increase in “arm robbery.”

What disaster will befall when medical professionals treat the patient unable or unwilling to inform them about the implant?

Why not just follow each addict around 24/7?

Who was it said, “We admitted we were powerless...”?

I say make sublingual buprenorphine (as well as naloxone) available over the counter to competent adults.

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