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Charade (1963)

Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn, George Kennedy, Dominique Minot, Ned Glass, Jacques Marin, Paul Bonifas, Thomas Chelimsky
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Newly widowed translator Reggie tells police Inspector Edouard Grandpierre, “I’m very confused.” (0:10)

Reggie’s husband in open casket in funeral parlor (0:15)

One man asks another, “What’s so depressing about that?” (0:19)

Reggie tells Tex Panthollow, “You’re insane. You’re absolutely insane.” (0:31)

Reggie tells Peter, “I’m having a nervous breakdown.” (0:32)

Reggie tells Peter, “Oh, I’m so hungry I could faint.” (0:40)

Reggie tells Peter, “I’ve got something that stings like crazy.” (0:57)

Tex, referring to Peter (now Alexander): “The man’s gone loco.” (1:02)

Reggie tells her friends young son, Jean-Louis, “If you think you’re getting credit for this, you’re crazy.” (1:06)

Alex tells Reggie, “Oh, you’re a nut.”
Reggie: “You’re the nut.”
Alex: ”Nut-proof.” (1:12)

By telephone, Leopold asks someone, “Are you out of your mind or something?” (1:20)

Reggie asks Alex, “Could you recognize heroin just by the taste of it?”
”Heroin. Peppermint flavored heroin.” (1:25)

Stamp dealer Felix tells Reggie, referring to a stamp, “In 1894 the owner was murdered by a rival collector who was obsessed to own it.” (1:34)

Reference in It Follows