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client-centered counseling

( client-centered therapy, non-directive therapy, nondirective therapy, person-centered therapy )

A method of psychotherapy developed especially by Carl Rogers involving a "non-directive" approach by a clinician who provides empathic acceptance and "reflection" of the stutterer's expressed feelings rather than direct interpretations and evaluations of them. The stutterer is encouraged to experience a change in his own insights concerning his problems and the proper course of remedial action. Involves listening to and learning about the stutterer on his own terms as he talks about his problems and encourages him to describe them accurately. Described colloquially as "tell me more" therapy with the thought that the more the stutterer describes his problems, the more he reveals to himself his misconceptions and the more he comes to assume responsibility for his own behaviors.

Definition reprinted with permission from Hood, Stephen B. (editor) available from Stuttering Foundation of America: Stuttering Words (Publication No 2: Speech Foundation of America)

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