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Clozapine REMS: McKesson Exposed

Clozapine REMS “supervisor” Nick returned a call to my voice mail. Caller ID: (480) 663-4000. Bingo (actually Google):

Mc Kesson Specialty Health

4343 North Scottsdale Road #150

Scottsdale, AZ 85251

When I called by the call center representative said she did not know of a supervisor by that name, and “Nick” still refused to confirm that he works for McKesson or that McKesson administers this REMS for the FDA or the Clozapine Manufacturers Group. Do these people give false names? What do they fear?

“Nick” did most generously provide me with the main number for FDA, claiming not to have a specific contact there.

Thus far attempts to get information from FDA have yielded this:

“We have shared your inquiry with the Division of Drug Information, copied here, they’ll be in touch with a response.

"Sandy Walsh

Press Officer

Office of Media Affairs

Office of External Affairs

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Tel: 301-796-4669

Subsequently “Nancy” (if that is her real name) left a message indicating that she would try to get answers if I included them in an email with her “Nancy” in the subject line.

We shall see.


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