Clozapine REMS Still Stonewalling

Supervisor “Lucas” at the Clozapine REMS program still refuses to provide basic information or to cite any authority for his refusal.

Last fall I wrote about the abominable execution of this program established by FDA to minimize harm associated with use of this drug whose therapeutic superiority to others has transformed the lives of many who suffer from schizophrenia. I listed my questions when I wrote again in March.

Appeals to my congressman, democrat Adam Smith, have produced no effect other than to convince me that, at least on his side of the congressional aisle, the goal remains government for the bureaucrats, not for the people.

I have contacted each of the companies that comprise the “manufacturers group.” They too refused.

So we have a group of corporations working together with the full approval of the federal government. How is this not anti-competitive? If some regulation or rule provides for shrouding this organization in secrecy from taxpayers who support it, what interest does FDA, not to mention my congressman, have in refusing to reveal it?

The Freedom of Information Act demand I filed could take as long as another year to process.

The next election may allow us to choose a president who will hold incompetent government officials accountable for their costly bungling or one who will protect them.

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