CMS Launches Pill-Mill Finder

Want prescription drugs? Xanax? Adderall? Oxycontin? CMS can help you find a willing prescriber. Just enter their name and location here or here. You will only see what outpatient providers prescribed for Medicare beneficiaries with Part D benefits, but it should give you a pretty good sense of their willingness to feed your addiction.

I agree with publication of this information. In fact I believe we should have access to the same information from prescribers working in hospitals, the VA system, and others, and probably for prescriptions paid by Medicaid as well as Medicare.

This illustrates the pitfalls of our drug policies and regulation in general: unintended consequences. Our lawmakers should explore all the possibilities before voting for these regulations.

If patients who want these kinds of drugs do in fact use this information to select providers, a vicious cycle will likely ensue resulting in polarization with more drugs prescribed by fewer, busier providers, and less by the remainder. Is that really what we want?

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