I often rant about prior authorization, and I have raved about as a less painful approach. Now it appears that more of our precious medical care dollars will end up in the pockets of lawyers.

Just today I received via fax a notice that my past use of may entitle me too share in the settlement of a class action suit brought in Illinois by “Podiatry In Motion” against the company for sending them “unsolicited faxes.”

The settlement document sends me to a Web site where I can register for my share of damages for having received “8 Transactional Faxes and 2 Non-Transactional Faxes.” (Oh yes, that really hurt! LOL)

I doubt my share of the settlement would pay for my time to read the settlement document. Should I register just to experience this version of “justice,” or should I send the parties a suggestion about what further action might benefit us all?

Sadly, either way the money will ultimately come out of our pockets, and this action will serve little more than to waste more physician time and medical care dollars.

Well, I did it. It was even easier than using to file a prior authorization. Stay tuned for my report of the amount of my share of the settlement. Maybe I will use the funds to invest in

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