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Darkest Hour (2017)

Gary Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Ben Mendelsohn, Lily James, Ronald Pickup, Stephen Dillane, Nicholas Jones, Samuel West, David Schofield, Richard Lumsden, Malcolm Storry, Charley Palmer Merkell, Hannah Steele, Jeremy Child, Hilton McRae
Winston Churchill | King George VI | Adolf Hitler | morphine
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Adolf Hitler (0:01)

Title: “Hitler has invaded Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark and Norway.” (0:01)

Winston Churchill smokes his cigar in bed. (0:06)

Churchill’s wife Clementine tells his secretary Elizabeth, “I think you were nervous...” (0:10)

Chamberlain tells King George stutters as he talk to Chamberlain: “Winston lacks judgement.”
”He was right about Hitler.” (0:15)

Churchill answers Sir Anthony Eden that George is “Anxious.” (0:19)

One French leader tells another, referring to Churchill, “He’s delusional, completely delusional.” (0:35)

A minister, referring to Churchill’s father: “Until he lost his mind to syphilis.”
Another minister tells another”... we have a drunkard at the wheel.” (0:36)

Minister, referring to Churchill’s plan: “It’s suicide.”
Churchill: “With Hitler holding the whip hand, do you really think...”
”The only thing to do is to show that maniac that he cannot conquer this island...” (0:51)

Lord Halifax asks Churchill, “What is to stop Herr Hitler then...?” (0:55)

Halifax tells Churchill, “Hitler will not insist on outrageous terms.” (1:09)

Chamberlain sets down a bottle labeled “Morphine sulphate” (1:10)

Newsreel of Hitler (1:20)

Churchill stutters. (1:21)

Churchill: “If Hitler’s peace terms are overlordship of central Europe...” (1:22)

Newspaper headline: “HITLER DEFIANT” over photograph of Hitler (1:25)

Elizabeth tells Churchill, referring to her soldier brother, “... he never made it.” (1:27)

Churchill tells George, “The War Cabinet is drafting a letter to Mussolini, asking him to broker talks with Herr Hitler.”
George: ”And the mood of Parliament?”
Churchill: “Fear, panic.”
George: ”None dreaded it like Adolf Hitler.” (1:32)

KIds on the street in London wear Hitler masks. (1:36)

Churchill asks his fellow subway riders, “You, the British people, what is your mood?”
”What if we... get very favorable terms from Mr. Hitler...” (1:42)