DEA OBOT Audit: Again?

Last night the physician I wrote about here emailed me, and several other local physicians interested in treating addiction, that a representative of the local DEA field office contacted him about auditing his buprenorphine practice again. As every larger drug busts demonstrate the failure of their enforcement activities, perhaps DEA believes obstruction of access to treatment will increase job security for agents. The State of Vermont’s crackdown on buprenorphine physicians has had a similar effect.

What does it tell us when DEA audits the practices of those treating addiction rather than the practices of those ordering the drugs to which the addicts have become addicted. Would we accept such audits of every physician who prescribes controlled substances?

Although this idea may deserve a post of its own, I propose a solution: Let DEA agents, instead of physicians, control buprenorphine maintenance. That way they could actually help the drug problem without threat to their jobs.

Regardless, if they show up at your office, consider demanding that they obtain a warrant. I did, and it was not a problem.

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