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DEA Promises More of the Same

In the newly released National Drug Threat Assessment the agency promises to continue its failed policies which prop up the drug cartels, put more people suffering from the disease of addiction in jails and prisons, and likely add to the number of overdose deaths.

The chart in Fig. 1 betrays the kind of confusion that plagues the agency. The separate numbers for drug poisoning, [death by?] firearms, [death by?] MV crashes, homicide, and suicide mix apples and oranges. What about suicide by MV crash and homicide by firearm? Do they really believe no one kills themselves by drug overdose? What do they hope to gain by omitting reference to tobacco and alcohol deaths? Do they really believe the American public cannot see when the emperor is naked?

Should we not expect more from our government agencies? How long does it take bureaucrats to change policies that do more harm than good?

Make drugs available over-the-counter like tobacco and alcohol. Let physicians apply themselves to diagnosis and recommendations for treatment. Let pharmacists decide who does or does not get a drug.

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