DEA Should Go

DEA routinely steals billions in cash and property, kills innocent people, classifies herbal marijuana as more dangerous than a drug it contains, and has failed to curb the increase in opiate addiction and overdose. What does it take for our government to realize that when your policy has consistently failed it’s time to try something different?

Scheduling herbal marijuana as a I while making pure THC a II makes as much sense as saying pure cocaine is safer that coca leaves, pure nicotine is safer than tobacco leaves or morphine is safer than poppies.

DEA’s restrictive drug policies have made prescribers view their patients as crooks until proven otherwise and have made patients view prescribers as just a source for drugs.

Perhaps worst of all they have made a laughing stock of federal law enforcement.

Shut down DEA, Mr. Trump, and restore respect for your government. Spend that money on education and treatment, a let those agents get useful jobs in the private sector or solving real crimes.

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