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DEA Suboxone Audit Update

Continued from:  DEA Audits: insensitivity and disrespect

No great progress today but I did speak to a staff person from one office where DEA conducted an audit. I am hoping to obtain a copy of the agreement the physician signed. She told me that the entire audit lasted about 30-40' and would have been shorter but for the fact that the office took advantage of the opportunity to learn more from the agents. She said the agents focused primarily on records and procedures related to handling of free Suboxone supplied by the manufacturer to financially challenged patients. She said the meeting was not unpleasant.

I also heard from a physician who took the initiative to invite DEA to audit his practice. He said there has been no response thus far. I plan to do the same. I would like to conduct this piece of business when no patients or other professionals are present in the office.

I will keep you "posted" on further developments. Please describe your experiences as comments.

Suboxone DEA Audit Update III

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