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DEA Suboxone Audit Update IV

Continued from: Suboxone DEA Audit Update III

No more developments since my last post. I sent an email to a local DEA agent but have received no acknowledgement or response. So I just faxed this letter to the local DEA office chief:

Re: Audit of OBOT physicians

Dear Mr. T:

Although I have received no official notification I understand your agents intend to audit my records of prescription of buprenorphine for treatment of opiate dependence under DATA 2000. Since I have heard evidence to suggest that some physicians might engage in inappropriate prescribing of this drug I welcome the audit and look forward to cooperating fully. I understand that your agents will not ask to see information that identifies any patient and that the audit will be restricted to records of buprenorphine prescription. (I do not dispense the drug.)

Since I am sure you want to minimize wasted time for your agents, avoid disruption of my medical practice, avoid potential for impostors, and avoid disturbing my patients I make the following requests:

I understand that at the outset of the audit I will be required to sign an agreement. Please send me a copy of the agreement now so I can have my attorney review it prior to the audit. You may send a copy via fax to __.

I have scheduled an hour at 3:00 PM on Wed. December 9, 2009 for the audit. I will not schedule patients during that time, but will be sure to be in the office. However, I will need confirmation of the time and date by December 2, 2009. If this time and date do not work for your agents, please contact my office to schedule an alternate time and/or date.

Thank you.

I'll let you know what happens.

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