Desegregate Medical Care

Separate is not equal in medical systems any more than it is in race, and that applies to the VA, but also to workers comp, personal injury, and malpractice. Universal health care should eliminate the waste, but the ACA fails to deliver.

Veterans deserve the same access to quality medical care as everyone else, regardless of whether their needs stem from combat.

Each state (and the federal government) has a workers compensation plan for job related injuries. If a negligent provider or careless driver caused your illness/injury you get a fat monetary award for future medical care -- and your attorney gets a big chunk of it.

We have a shortage of physicians. Can we really afford to have them waste their time in the battles over who has to foot the bill rather than caring for sick people?

Many complain about a two-tiered system of health care, but we have more tiers than we can count. Let us reimagine a system in which physicians just provide medical care and you get the same care whether you were struck by a drunk driver, injured in combat or at work, or just had an unfortunate accident with no one to blame.

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