Doctor Bites Medical Board

Not exactly, but if a man biting a dog qualifies as news, so must a physician successfully suing a medical licensing board, in this case the one I criticize best, the Washington State Medical Quality Assurance Commission or MQAC (That's right, M Quack.)

According to this news report in settlement of the case of Werschler et al v. State of Washington et al the State of Washington paid damages of $600,000 to a Spokane dermatologist for publicizing unsubstantiated charges against him while investigating an anonymous complaint which his now ex wife filed in the setting of a contentious divorce. The state also formally apologized.

Dr. Werschler's license credential page still displays documents related to a minor charge of failure to maintain a log of controlled substances in his office, but no indication of the bogus investigation -- or the apology:

In my opinion Dr. Werschler demonstrated considerable restraint in settling for such a small amount given the impact on his practice. The revelation of such poorly executed, and presumably poorly supervised, investigation raises such serious doubts about the competence of MQAC that resignation of one or all board members might be needed to restore public faith in the organization.

At a minimum the state should add a document outlining the errors made and including an apology to Dr. Werschler's credentials page.

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