Dr Yao @ Blue Shield of CA: 999 refills of Suboxone

I just want to express my grattitude to Dr John Yao, MD, MPH, FACP, Senior Medical Director of Blue Shield of California, for his extraordinary generosity in authorizing Suboxone film with 999 refills for his subscriber in his "Authorization Confirmation Fax" dated 12/05/2011. The authorization is "valid from 12/5/2011 to 3/5/2012."

I am confused, however, as in the next paragraph Dr Yao writes, "The authorization has been entered with 99 refills to allow for titration purposes." Maybe that's 99 for titration AFTER the 999 are used up for a total of 1098.

Yay Dr Yao!

(If this was all a mistake at least I have another addition to my blooper collection.)

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