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A marijuana or tobacco cigarette laced with PCP, also sometimes referred to as a "wet" when produced by dipping in a liquid. May take its name from use of Nat Sherman brand cigarettes, whose brown paper may be less likely to show signs of dipping (stains). "Wet" is a misnomer, as the cigarette is dried before it is smoked. References to dipping in "embalming fluid" have given rise to speculation about psychoactive effects of formaldehyde or other ingredients (various alcohols, including phenol, propylene glycol) of the undertaker's preservative, but "embalming fluid" has also been street slang for PCP itself. Other references suggest that a solution of PCP in undertaker's embalming fluid has been prepared for dipping of the cigarettes. Given the willingness of drug dealers and users to try almost anything, all of the above have probably been practiced. Pure formaldehyde, because it exists as a gas at room temperature, may dissipate completely during drying or smoking, but it is also possible that it may chemically alter the other ingredients. However most, if not all, of the effects attributed to "Sherms" are usually consistent with the effects of PCP in combination with marijuana or tobacco.

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